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Rug Cleaning

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Rug Cleaning in Ventura

Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs can range in quality significantly, from being a cheap decoration to a priceless family heirloom. Each must have its specific needs met. And some are needier than others. At Top Carpet Cleaning, we know how to take care of each type of rug, and we can change our methods based on your needs.

We can perform a regular deep cleaning or something more specialized depending on your needs. No matter what kind of rug you have, we offer the Ventura rug cleaning service that you require to destroy dirt without destroying the carpeting itself.

Regular Rug Cleaning In Ventura

If you have no specific requirements for your rug, we can clean it through our usual steam cleaning methods. This is a very effective way to clean things. Steam cleaners can dislodge and dissolve gunk stuck further inside than any vacuum can reach. It does this through water pressure, heat, and mild chemicals.

Not every type can handle a steam cleaning, however. Some can get damaged by this rigorous process. On top of that, your rug may be walked on often, meaning you don’t have the time to wait for it to dry. Don’t worry, though, because we have other options for your Ventura rug cleaning.

Fragile Rug Cleaning In Ventura

If your rug can’t handle a steam cleaning for whatever reason, you can get a dry cleaning instead. This uses no complex machinery and only minimal water, meaning it’s relatively easy on your rugs. Our Ventura rug cleaning technicians simply scrub in some chemicals, let them sit, and then vacuum them away.

But, of course, some particularly fragile rugs can’t handle even that much. If yours is that delicate, don’t worry because you are still not out of options. We know how to handle rugs that may need some extra attention.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In Ventura

If your rug is extremely fragile, we’ll have to move it off-site and have it cleaned in a specialized facility. These facilities are full of people constantly working on delicate rugs, so they know how to take care of your problems without causing damage.

Whatever your specific rug situation is, we know how to take care of it, so why not give us a call? We can deep clean your rug without causing unnecessary damage and get it looking fresh all over again. We offer same-day appointments, so call us today and have a refreshed rug in only a few hours.


How do I clean a large rug?

If you hire one of our Ventura rug cleaning technicians, they can use their deep cleaning expertise to clean that large rug for you.

How do you clean an area rug on hardwood floors?

Before applying water, you should either move the area rug off the hardwood floor or put up plastic protection.

How do you dry a rug after power washing?

If it’s sunny, you can move it outside to dry. If not, try to wet it with a towel or other absorbent material.

How do you clean a carpet without wetting it?

Dry cleaning uses a very minimal amount of water while still cleaning very well. Call us for dry rug cleaning in Ventura.

What is the best way to clean oriental rugs?

This depends on the rug. You may need to take it to a rug cleaning facility to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. We can do oriental rug cleaning in Ventura.

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