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Carpet Cleaning Service

What carpet soils are currently lurking just underneath your feet? You may think that because your carpet looks fine, there’s nothing to worry about. But deep within the fibers, all kinds of grime are lurking, festering and drawing dust mites and mold spores. And there they’ll remain unless you decide to get a deep cleaning done.

Top Carpet Cleaning in Ventura can do this cleaning for you. We have the perfect tools and techniques to get the muck out of your carpet and your life. You won’t need to worry about your carpet soils for another day, as we offer same-day appointments.

Steam Carpet Cleaning In Ventura

Our most popular method of deep cleaning carpets is steam cleaning. This technique is also known as “hot water extraction.” The process involves a steam cleaning machine with water and mild chemicals running over the carpet to eliminate invisible carpet soils.

As the machine runs over the carpet, it fires the superheated water and chemicals into your floor, dissolving and melting many of the soils without damaging the fibers. The high pressure of the water dislodges everything that it can’t dissolve, allowing these soils to be sucked up by the machine. Anything remaining can be easily vacuumed later.

Dry Carpet Cleaning In Ventura

Dry cleaning is the use of powders and shampoos, as well as a bit of elbow grease, to deep clean your carpet. This is the other option we offer if you need carpet cleaning in Ventura, but steam cleaning won’t work.

Our Ventura technicians will ensure the dry cleaning chemicals cover the carpet, and then they will vigorously scrub them in. After scrubbing, it will sit for a while and react with the deep carpet soils. The chemicals dissolve everything and cause whatever’s left to rise to the top. Finally, it can now all be vacuumed away easily. Dry cleaning is a solid option if you need carpet cleaning in Ventura.

What Type Of Ventura Carpet Cleaning Is Right For You?

Before getting a carpet cleaning in Ventura done by us, you should figure out what kind of cleaning is right for you. So what’s the difference?

Steam cleaning is marginally more effective than dry cleaning. It also uses fewer chemicals, making it the better choice overall. That being said, it takes a long time to dry and is not ideal on carpets that must be used often. It can also be rough on fragile carpets.

If your carpet is high-traffic or has fragile dyes or fibers, you should go with dry cleaning. It may be less effective, but it’s still a great way to get a deep carpet cleaning in Ventura.


How can I deep clean a carpet myself?

You can rent a steam cleaning machine, but these are expensive and can be tricky if you don’t know about deep cleaning and how to use the machine properly.

Does carpet cleaning use a lot of water?

It doesn’t have to! If your carpets can’t handle a lot of water, or if you don’t feel comfortable using that much water, you can opt for dry cleaning. We offer both options if you need carpet cleaning in Ventura.

How do you make a high-traffic carpet look new?

You should get a deep cleaning done to freshen up your carpet. The deep cleaning will include shampooing, spot cleaning, and deodorizing.

How often should a carpet be cleaned?

Carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year. If you need carpet cleaning in Ventura, call us.

How long does it take to clean the carpet?

Don’t expect it to take more than an hour. The exact time can vary, but anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes is about average.

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