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Maintaining Clean Carpets With Pets

Posted on September 2, 2022

We cherish every moment with our pets and will sacrifice anything to keep them safe and healthy. It’s one of those relationships you don’t mind spending extra time and money on because, in the end, it’s always worth it. But our furry friends do come with some inconveniences that annoy our everyday lives. 

That’s right, we’re talking about hair. Little strands of hair and dander become impossible to remove because they stick to everything and somehow avoid the suction of vacuums. You can spend hours trying to get rid of pet hair, but we all know it’s a daunting task. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning in Ventura can handle the job!

Top Carpet Cleaning can eliminate pet hair from your living space with flawless execution. There’s nobody more qualified because we follow a detailed carpet cleaning plan that addresses pet hair removal in three key ways: 

1. Deep Cleaning Methods

A vacuum does a poor job at removing pet hair because it’s not a sophisticated machine. In most scenarios, vacuums are good at removing dust, dirt, and crumbs, but they fail to reach deep enough into your carpet fibers and perform what we call “deep cleaning” at Top Carpet Cleaning.

Deep carpet cleaning in Ventura is when one of our professional technicians deploys a special machine designed for addressing carpeted surfaces. This machine combines hot steam, water, and cleaning agents to create an optimal carpet cleaning blend. Every process is different depending on the type of carpet and what the objective is.

In the case of removing pet hair, the technicians will take a gentler approach to softly separate the hairs from the carpet fibers. It takes some finesse and a ton of practice to master this maneuver, but that’s why Top Carpet Cleaning delivers the best carpet cleaning in Ventura!

2. Organic Carpet Cleaning In Ventura 

Top Carpet Cleaning is always looking for new ways to be innovative and reduce our environmental impact while still producing quality results. Formulating our own Ventura carpet cleaning solution is one of the ideas we’ve implemented over the years. Every single one of our cleaning formulas contains natural, organic materials that are completely safe for both humans and animals.

So not only are we protecting you as the customers, but your pets are free to roam around after our work is finished. Dangerous chemicals are sadly very prevalent within the carpet cleaning industry. Our mission at Top Carpet Cleaning will always be focused on the safest Ventura carpet cleaning practices. 

3. Quick Dry Times

Another common issue with carpet cleaning procedures in the past has been long dry times. The carpets are cleaned and everything seems normal until you take one step and feel your foot drenched in the aftermath, or even worse, your pet runs through it. It’s an extremely unpleasant experience and your pets deserve better care.

Because Top Carpet Cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning materials, our carpet cleaning in Ventura produces faster dry times! This means less time waiting after service and less of a chance your pet unknowingly gets soaked and leaves behind hair on the wet carpet. Top Carpet Cleaning prioritizes the well-being of the people we work for, and certainly your loving pets too!

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