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Does Carpet Cleaning Cause Mold Growth?

Posted on February 3, 2023

There are some who worry that cleaning a carpet can actually make a situation worse. It can damage a carpet tremendously if mold begins to grow on the fibers. But does carpet cleaning cause mold growth? The quick answer is it can, but it shouldn’t. But for the longer answer, keep reading!

How Not To Worry

Some readers may find some of the coming hypotheticals and facts distressing, but there is an easy way to put your mind at ease. When you hire an expert carpet cleaner, every concern that will be outlined in the rest of this article can be laid to rest. As long as you avoid amateurish cleaning, your carpet will be safe.

If you are planning on using an untested company or handling your carpet cleaning yourself, then you will have to remain vigilant. It is only when you contact a tried and true company like Top Carpet Cleaning in Ventura that you can know for certain that carpet cleaning will not result in mold.

How Mold Grows

Mold is a fungus. Though fungus bears very little resemblance to either plant or animal life, genetically, it is a living organism and needs both a source of food and water. Though you probably don’t think of the dirt, dust, and dead skin in your carpet as food, it can be quite the buffet for fungus. But what about the water?

If you want to clean a carpet correctly, you are going to need some steam cleaning services. Steam from carpet cleaning machines forces focused pressurized heated water vapor out into the carpet. If the carpet does not dry properly, then there is a water source.

After a rug cleaning, you may be able to hang the fabric out to dry or drain, but a carpet is tacked down. That means the carpet and moisture are staying right where they are. Excess moisture must evaporate within a few hours, or mold is likely to grow on your carpet.

How Carpet Cleaning Goes Bad

Overworking an area is a very common way that carpet cleaning goes bad. This is usually a result of not understanding a stain. Some stains cannot be removed with steam cleaning, requiring deep cleaning. So going over a trouble spot a few times results in excess moisture.

The more moisture you use, the more time it takes to dry the carpet. The longer the drying time, the more of a chance mold has to begin growing. And if you have ever had any food get moldy, you know that it does not take long.

In the course of a single night, there can be enough mold to cause a problem with your floor covering. That is why you want a carpet cleaner who ensures quick drying times. In most cases, you should expect everything to be dry in a matter of hours.

Final Thoughts

Carpets are uniquely positioned to grow mold if they are improperly cleaned. Where you might be able to move a couch into a place where it can dry better after upholstery cleaning, drying your carpet is much more difficult. And a wet carpet can become a moldy carpet very quickly.

But you don’t have to worry about carpet cleaning causing mold growth as long as you use a proven and experienced carpet cleaning company like Top. Call today for service!

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